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With the Federal Government Temporary Full Expensing Scheme, if eligible, you can write off the full expense of business assets. Eligibility criteria applies.

Mixer Mincers

Viking Vacuum Packer

Vacuum Packers


Dip Tanks


Brine Injectors




Crumbing Lines

Meat Selection with different colour nets

String Tying


Bone-in Slicer

Goodall's Quality Meats 1400cw 20 Dec '17

Smoke Rite Ovens

Burger patties coming out of an automatic burger machine

Burger & Portion Forming




Frozen Meat Flaker

Mixer Mincers

Australian made Thompson Mixer Mincers – used extensively in high production facilities throughout the world, the 4000 Series is renowned for its outstanding performance and reliability.

Thompson TMG 4300C Mixer Mincer

Vacuum Packers

Viking Vacuum Packers are suited to large-scale operations, our swing-lid vacuum packers offer the highest quality seal, all fitted with German Busch Pumps.

Viking 820 Vacuum Packer

Viking 820

Secondhand & reconditioned

Viking 820 Vacuum Packer

Viking 820

New Model

Viking 1020 Auto Belt Swing Lid

Great for single operator use, ergonomic, intuitive operation and auto safety lid.

Dip Tanks

Dip Tanks complete the Shrink process by immersing a vacuumed package in hot water for 2 -4 seconds.


Predetermined immersion time and water temperatures are carefully controlled by the machine.

Brine Injectors

Suhner Brine Injectors have proven to be robust, high performance machines, ideal for small to medium size brine injecting applications.


They can be used for a range of Meat & Poultry processing with bone-in or boneless products.


The Treif range of Dicers are designed to process fresh meat and bacon as well as vegetables and cheese.


Product is placed into a chamber, then automatically pushed through a grid set with cutting knives which cut the product into the dice or strips as required.

Treif Felix Dicer CE100

Treif Felix CE 100

Secondhand model

Batter Breading Crumbing Lines

Easy to use and efficient, perfectly crumb chicken and beef schnitzels, lamb cutlets, meatballs, rissoles, tenderloins and arancini balls.

String Tying

This SIEBECK string tying machine is suitable for string tying of fresh meat. It features all stainless steel construction and foot operated tying.

Siebeck String Tying

Bone in Meat Slicer

The Nexus automatic slicer is designed to cut fresh, frozen and bone-in products into parallel slices at high speed. 


The thickness of the slices can be set from 2 to 30mm, even during slicing. The high speed blade will cut with high precision, without splintering the bone and decreasing the cutting waste.

Smoke Rite Smoke Ovens

Smoke Rite ovens are the perfect Combi ovens for all your cooking and smoking needs.

Burger Patty & Portioning

The Viking Single & Double Action Hamburger Machines have heavy duty hardened gears, produces up 70 units per minute and is operated using a pneumatic foot controlled pedal which allows the operator to have both hands free at all times.


German-made dry aging cabinets providing unparalleled dry aging results in a plug and play solution.


The DRY AGER® Cabinets are popular amongst Premium Butchers and Head Chefs – looking to add a point of difference and provide an in-house aging process.



Viking Frozen Meat Flaker

The Viking Frozen Flaker is designed for flaking frozen food blocks, (meats, curds, chocolate, butter) within processing lines.


Also ideal for producing baby food, semi-finished meats, sausages and frankfurts and dairy products without defrosting within a temperature range of -15°C to -3°C.