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What to look for in quality equipment for your butcher shop

Every butcher shop needs a set of superior quality equipment to maintain high functionality.

But how do you know if your machines are high quality?

Quality, in this case, is comprised of three distinct elements, its output, value-adding ability and durability.

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE Test):

The thing you should look at is how the machine you are looking at adds value to the business. What is its key purpose?

The key purpose your machine should serve is increased efficiency. To check this, it’s often a good idea to run an OEE test on machinery you currently own or are considering purchasing, as it’s an accurate indicator of quality.

This measures availability rate (amount of machine downtime against total time it’s needed), performance efficiency (average time needed to produce on unit), and quality rate (number of defective units against total units produced).

The most compelling reason for butchers to purchase equipment in the first place is the current shortage of manual labour. This change has many in the meat industry moving rapidly to a more efficient, automated model, where machines do the more labour-intensive and monotonous jobs.


To keep up with a quickly changing industry, a high quality machine should save you time by covering all three elements of the OEE test. It should be doing tasks better, more efficiently and over a long duration of time.

Most of all, with a reliable machine, you should notice an immediate and significant improvement in your production rate.


Value-adding ability


Another key concept emerging in the food industry is the idea of value add. This means that instead of simply buying and selling a product for a slight margin, you add something of value to that product yourself, which makes the customer willing to pay a higher price for it.

If your machine is capable of value add, it could take your butcher shop to the next level. Think about equipment that could smoke, dry age, marinate or otherwise improve upon a standard cut of meat.


Durability and Warranty

Machines in a butcher shop are usually used very regularly, and have to deal with some heavy duty products. For this reason, ensure any machine you buy is very durable. Consider the materials it is made out of, and whether any of its internal workings are prone to failure or need constant replacement.


It is important to check the warranty on the equipment, to ensure that you have a fallback years to come.


Consider your utility compatibilities

A very important area for consideration, ensure that you have checked what capacities your shop utilities can operate with, this will save any unexpected issues arising at installation.

The most common issue is three-phase power, some shop equipment are only three-phase compatible.

If you have any further queries on considerations for machinery or equipment, Contact Viking Food Solutions.


Should I service my equipment?

Machines, especially in the non-stop environment of a butcher, eventually get worn down. Make sure you think about this when buying your machine. Optimally, you should try and ensure you have a clear supply source for spare parts and servicing.



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