Dry Ager® Dry Aging Meat Cabinets

German-made dry aging cabinets providing unparalleled dry aging results in a plug and play solution.


The DRY AGER® Cabinets are popular amongst Premium Butchers and Head Chefs – looking to add a point of difference and provide an in-house aging process.


These cabinets require only single phase power which makes it ideal for layout changes and does not require any external water supply.


With the DRY AGER DX 1000® you buy a professional dry-aging refrigerator, that looks just as good as it works. Outdoor timeless modern design – inside high-precision, sophisticated technology: craftsmanship meets high tech – protected with 5 patents.


The perfect partner for Dry-Aging: This maturing fridge is made for use by restaurants, artisan meat suppliers and the enthusiastic home foodie.


Low upfront costs

Get started sooner with your new DRY AGER


Buy at any time

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Flexible minimum terms

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Quick turnaround

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