Time and labor-saving are not the only benefits when upscaling your operation from manual packing, you can also reduce pack cost and improve the shelf appeal of your product.


The Ulma machines are ideal for mixed product requirements, with their easy operation and quick size change capabilities.


They also make a great support machine for short-run production.



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The Thermoforming System





Thermoforming films are a cost-effective way to pack products in-line by horizontally forming the pack, filling and finally sealing.


The pack is formed with top and bottom ‘web’ films. The top film is usually flexible as it forms/vacuums around the shape of the product, and retains its characteristics of high puncture resistance and gloss.


Usually seen in the food industry, products are packed in trays and skin film applied to the top of the package for extra puncture resistance, this top web can be customised to your individual branding with effective colour or stamp printing.


If forming the entire package with thermoforming film (that is using top & bottom web), the bottom web can also be quite rigid and customisable with your branding. Being the section of packaging that ‘holds’ your product, you will need to ensure that this bottom web is of the highest quality to preserve its shape while it’s on the shelf.


Learn more about the thermoforming process

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Features & Benefits of Thermoforming Film

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Designed to fit your product - no matter its unique shape


Can be produced as peelable to improve customer experience

Shelf Life Extension

Maintain quality while extending shelf life - applies to both high and medium barrier films

Shelf Presence

Customise with your branding

ULMA - World Standard in Thermoformers

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