Viking APEX Tomahawk Shrink Bags

All food packaging has two non-negotiable objectives – to protect the product as long and as well as possible, and to present it with style. However, some products make achieving this more challenging.


Take a tomahawk steak for instance, such a unique cut of meat requires some seriously impressive packaging to live up to it.


The challenge? The distinct shape of a Tomahawk requires a bespoke bag, not an ill-fitting, run-on-the-mill option.


Complicating the problem further, a tomahawk also has a large, exposed bone, demanding packaging that is highly resistant to puncture, while improving the meat’s shelf life and visually presence on the shelf.

Enter Viking’s APEX Tomahawk bag, a game-changer that ticks all these boxes and more, all while delivering an unmatched presentation for your signature tomahawk steaks.

The custom shape of this shrink bag is designed to conform precisely to the awkward shape of a Tomahawk like a second skin, accentuating the product.


With a remarkably high shrink rate, there’s no excess plastic or wrinkles to reduce this ‘second skin’ effect. The multilayered plastic’s unmatched clarity and gloss delivers a shining, full-colour product which demands a second glance on supermarket shelves.


Crucially, however, these bags are engineered with product protection at the forefront. Ultra-high puncture resistance on these bone-in bags means that you can pack the meat – bones and all – without any fear of a burst or leaking bag.


We’ve also equipped this bag with best-in-class oxygen and water barriers, allowing for a greatly extended shelf life.

And for those tackling the taxing demands of transport and export packaging, this bag’s sky high tolerance to abuse and sheer endurance allows you complete assurance in your product’s quality at the end of its journey.



Viking has crafted our APEX Tomahawk bags with meticulous attention to detail. These bags are the full package – well-designed and well-made by industry experts who comprehend the unique challenges this bag must solve, and who want to showcase one of the most incredible cuts of meat to its fullest potential.


Elevate your meat packaging game with Viking’s APEX Tomahawk bags—where form and function are both prioritised.