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The Secrets of Sous Vide

Australian restaurants are renowned for being at the forefront of food trends in the ever-growing food industry. Our kitchens are ripe with innovative recipes and techniques that challenge expectations and are now recognised on a global scale.

Our successes in the food industry corresponds with our ability to adapt and evolve. Technology has infiltrated most parts of contemporary society and restaurants are realising its potential and are embracing it. One method that is receiving exposure is ‘sous-vide’ style cooking, which is the French term for ‘under vacuum’.


Playing high stakes or selling high steaks? Time to diversify in the butcher-shop

It’s May 2016; steaks are still tender, but retailing meat has become ‘extremely tough’….


Owning your very own butcher shop, training your own apprentices, and knowing Mrs Jones by name, greeting her every time she walks in to buy the mince for tea tonight can be so rewarding.  Even when she asks for a steak to be vacuum packed in view of next week’s dinner, you feel so good doing it – your contribution to the local community is really being appreciated out there.

Visit us at our New Location!

As from the 8th of July 2013 we will be operating from our new head office in Epping, Victoria. This state-of-the-art facility will allow us to better service your needs with vast stock-holding facilities, streamlined administration and dispatch capabilities at a central location at Cnr Scanlon Drive & Shirley Way, Epping.



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