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Is your business prepared for the food product labeling changes coming in the New Year?

Time is running out for businesses unprepared for strict new food labelling laws, with an industry expert warning many are at risk of being slapped with fines of more than $1 million for non-compliance.

“Any recall or disposal of non-compliant goods may run from the thousands to the millions of dollars, so it’s important to get it right,” Task by Kirk design firm General Manager, John Kapiniaris said.


Forward Thinking in the Food Industry

The modern food phenomenon has been ignited by television shows like MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules, bearing a heavy influence on the contemporary consumer. Combined with social media, the public is fast becoming more culinary adventurous and aware. The desire for an overall higher eating experience has driven a demand for quality ingredients to complement quality dishes, both at home and eating out. This positive exposure has been invaluable to butcher shops and restaurants going the extra mile to provide customers with superior products.

Preventive Maintenance

It’s not the most glamourous food industry term, but one that mustn’t be understated.

In fact, a solid, well-documented maintenance program can not only soundproof a food business’s health and safety standards, but also provide significant future cost savings.

All machinery and processors in an operation are required to have specific programs in place. It can be hard to maintain high standards when running business day-to-day – we get it – so, how can you get on top of it all?

Viking Barrier Packaging Materials

Viking Food Solutions is well established in the perishables industry and has represented the most important international manufacturers of meat processing machinery throughout Australia and the region. The Viking team has 40 years of experience assisting the meat industry with the latest technology in cutting, processing and packing.

The Rise of American Burger Culture in Australia

Burgers have always been a popular choice among Australian’s, particularly in the mid-to-late 20th century with the rise of the fast food phenomenon. However, it has only been the past five years that we have seen a dramatic rise in the popularity and number of boutique, specialised burger joints. They are now a culinary powerhouse in the Aussie food scene and looks to stay that way.


The Dry Age Cabinet to Set you Apart from the Crowd

Looking for a unique point-of-difference? Dry Age to perfection with the Dry Ager DX1000 Meat Maturing Fridge.

Storing and dry-aging meat is a proven method to maximise a product’s consistency and intensify its flavour. All fresh meat is aged at least a few days, but dry-aging extends this period to 4-6 weeks to achieve the perfect steak. With no extra expertise or effort required, and with just a little more time, your product (and business) can elevate to a higher standard than your competition.


The Secrets of Sous Vide

Australian restaurants are renowned for being at the forefront of food trends in the ever-growing food industry. Our kitchens are ripe with innovative recipes and techniques that challenge expectations and are now recognised on a global scale.

Our successes in the food industry corresponds with our ability to adapt and evolve. Technology has infiltrated most parts of contemporary society and restaurants are realising its potential and are embracing it. One method that is receiving exposure is ‘sous-vide’ style cooking, which is the French term for ‘under vacuum’.




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