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Label changes to products on Australian shelves – what it all means

The Australian Government is currently in the process of negotiating with the EU over a free trade deal. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Australia will have free and open access to a market of over 500 million consumers. Consumers who have a collective purchasing power of several billion dollars. But what’s the outcome and changes for the future?

Why value-add?

You’ve probably heard the term value-add before – the idea of adding an extra feature to your product to increase the sell price has become a pretty common technique. But why is it important that you should implement it in your business?


Masterchef Australia 2019 features the Viking Vacuum Packer

MasterChef Australia Layered Lamington Cake


Viking Food Solutions was proudly featured on the 2019 season of Australia’s favourite cooking show – MasterChef Australia!

It’s essential that the vacuum packer that you use in your facility meets the requirements of your scale and continuously performs to a high standard.

Earlier in the year, MasterChef approached Viking Food Solutions for exactly that, but in a vacuum packer.

Global pork shortage


Being the largest producer and consumer of pork in the world, the Chinese stocks dictate the world’s access to pork.

Earlier this year, there were reports of the initial spread of the African Swine Fever (ASF) across China, resulting in a cull of 950,000 pigs since the first outbreak, but predicted that this was a severe under-report.

Australia’s War On FOOD Waste – Part 2 – Active Solutions

Should plastic bags be the primary and sole focus of the large food suppliers? In our previous article, we raised an equally important issue that hasn’t received nearly as much attention from these companies, or the media – food waste.

Banning plastic bags ticks the box on environmental responsibility. But is only one part of a global problem. Recycling and reuse go hand in hand, and the numbers show that when it comes to food, we haven’t made as much of a conscious effort to improve our practices, both in Australia and as a global community.



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