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Why has China stopped taking our recyclables?

In 2018, China initiated their National Sword Policy, banning foreign waste from being exported to China that had over a 0.5% contaminant. As the global standard for waste contaminant is 1.5%, this basically prevents most waste from being sent. For instance, a plastic bottle that still had a label or lid attached would not meet the criteria. This was the last, and most stringent, of a number of policies that have been working towards the phasing out of this system since 2013.

Is there an ulterior motive behind removing single use bags?

In 2018, Coles and Woolworths took the initiative to ban single use plastic bags in all their stores across Australia. From the first, it was a polarising decision. While environmentally conscious groups and customers hailed it as a great step in the right direction for achieving sustainability, many of the supermarket giants’ other customers disliked this new policy.

Retail butchers should take advantage of a new market – ready made meals

If you’ve been to your local supermarket in the past few months, you may have noticed a new type of product has begun to be sold in large quantities. Ready made meals used to be fairly basic offerings of frozen pizza or sausage rolls, a few microwaveable trays with nondescript contents tucked away in a corner.

Now, the ready-made meal section in the local supermarket can take up a whole cabinet, and is filled with incredibly diverse, high quality meals from all cuisines and for all occasions.

What difference does recyclable packaging make for retailers and their customers?

In Australia, we’re experiencing a society that’s becoming ever-more environmentally conscious, a government that’s just starting to regulate in this area, and the loss of our get-out-of-jail-free card in China’s refusal to accept any more of our waste. Recycling our overload of packaging has become one of the biggest issues in Australia right now.

Consumers and suppliers alike are starting to become concerned about their obligations under these new rules. But what differences will the push for recyclable packaging make for both these parties?



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