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Our Guide to Financing New Machinery

guide to financing new machinery viking food solutions

Investing in new machinery which increases your production capacity it a great way for your food facility to grow your offering and accelerate your profits.

This is a quick guide for Butchers Owner-operators and other SMEs businesses in the food industry looking to expand their operations through the purchase of new processing and packaging machinery.

Harvest @ Home brought to life

Harvest By Darren Taylor was a flourishing gourmet catering company when the COVID-19 pandemic hit NSW like a shockwave, booked out months in advance and award-winning. Darren, the company’s owner, was abruptly faced with the unpleasant reality of a 100% cancellation rate of catering jobs in the wake of the developing crisis.


10 Recommendations for every retail butcher going into FY20/21

With the rise and fall of COVID-19 panic-buying many butchers across Australia saw a second Christmas in March-April. The sudden spike in business meant many changed their business models overnight. Partially due to the huge overnight decline of the household restaurant spend, many retail butchers saw a shift of household spend as many turned to purchasing the basics of home cooking. Numerous butchers jumped on the bandwagon - creating new online ordering websites, implementing home delivery, and extending their product offering. Now, as social distancing restrictions ease around the country and Aussies busy themselves with the norm, the question is, what are the lessons, learnings and good opportunities we can take from the past 6 months and carry them into the new year?

How to transition from an eat-in restaurant to providing a meaningful delivery/take-away service?

The COVID-19 crisis has indeed hit the hospitality industry hard, with sudden restrictions placed on restaurants and eateries due to social distancing measures put in place to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Directly affecting restaurants and cafes which pre-dominantly provide dine-in for customers. Initially, the transition to providing take-away-only service is daunting – how to transform the way your business operates in such a dynamic climate?

Where can we apply value-adding?

We regard it as an important put of our business to assist in, and educate to our customers areas in their business where they can value add. We provide machinery and packaging solutions to clients to help them elevate their products and make them worth more to their clients.

However, the concept may be seen as being limited in scope in the food industry, confined to something like a butcher, where meats can be custom cut and marinated for the client. However, providing extra value to your customer is a great business strategy regardless of the type of business you run.



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