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Bowl Cutter 15lt

Bowl cutters are most popular for batch operations for the production of emulsions and production of coarse-cut sausages.

Their main advantage is its ability to mix and mince product simultaneously in its bowl. As the bowl rotates, the 3 knives operate in a vertical plane in the trough, which can be varied, depending on your requirements.

During the process, the operator can very easily vary the speed of the bowl cutter using the 7″ digital touch screen, which is ideal for mixes that require ingredients being added throughout the mixing process.

Other advantages below:

    • 7″ digital touch screen with numerous functions
    • Variable speed control 700 to 3.000 rpm and 4 speed preselection buttons
    • Programable automatic stop triggered by temperature limit and/or elapsed time
    • Smooth start of knives due to electronic drives, overload protection
    • Low consumption motor + drive = high efficiency
    • Smooth starts, stops of knives and bowl by new generation of electronic frequency drives
    • Thermal protection of motors by inverter
    • Emergency stop button
    • Folding plastic anti-noise cover (knife speed reduces automatically when cover is raised)
    • Temperature sensor (ºC/ºF) located in the cutting cavity
    • Strong all stainless steel construction
    • Solid s/s lid & thick cast bowl
    • Removable 3-knife head, optionally with 6 knives
    • Water resistant electrical unit.
    • Front bowl guard.
    • Adjustable machine feet.
    • Closed base.
    • Easy cleaning.
    • High quality, silent Poly-V drive belt

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Standard Specifications

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Models (litres) 15lt
Dimensions (H x W x D) 92 x 87 x 63cm
Max. Power Consumption 22.5A
Knife Speed Variable 750 - 3,000rpm - pre-select buttons 750/1,500/2,250/3,000rpm
Net approx. weight 165kg
Operating Temperature +5°C - 40°C
Batch Size - Soft Mix 4-12kg
Batch Size - Tough Mix 4-8kg
Machine Power 2.3kW
Power Requirement 240V
Linear Knife Speed 9-37m/s
Sound pressure level at 1 m 68dB(A)
Recommended relative humidity level 20 - 90%


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Most popular use of the Bowl Cutter


Trending product in retail stores


Great for emulsifying for Frankfurt consistency

Coarse Sausages

Ability to vary the chunk size



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Talsa 15lt Bowl Cutters


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