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Bowl Cutter 120lt

The 120L Bowl Cutters are designed for the production of sausage hash of all kinds, for large slaughterhouses and industrial meat processors.

They are also suitable for a wide range of poultry, fish, pastry or vegetarian products, processed cheese and many commodities in the food processing industry.

The 120lt cut, mix and emulsify all types of food products, from thick to very fine textures. They are simple to use, have an automated control system and are cleaned and maintained with ease.

  • Detachable 6 – knife head and compensation rings for use with 3 knives.
  • Control panel with large 10″ digital touch screen and 10 membrane push buttons.
  • High-quality knives from BE-GW Steffens (Germany), adjustable to minimum distance to bowl.
  • Variable high cutting speed from 1.000 to 4.000 rpm.Optimized cavity design uses bottom of the stainless steel lid to also cut.4 pre-selectable knife speeds: 1.000, 2.000, 3.000 and 4.000 rpm.
  • Temperature sensor (ºF/ºC) located in the cutting cavity for precise measurement of product temperature in friction.
  • Variable bowl speed from 6 to 18 rpm, 4 pre-selectable speeds.
  • Knife shaft designed with dynamic 3D modelling to achieve further reduction of vibrations.
  • Slow mixing speed variable from 50 to 200 rpm, forward & reverse.
  • 4 pre-selectable speeds: 50, 100, 150 and 200 rpm.
  • Variable mixing bowl speed from 6 to 10 rpm.
  • Bowl capacity K200: up to ±160 kg soft meat or ±100 kg dogged/frozen meat (K120: ±90 / ±60 kg).
  • Recommended option: hydraulic loader for standard 200 liter trolleys and motorized hydraulic unloading arm to empty to trolley.
  • Optional for K120neo: manual unloading arm with motorized disc.
  • High power to cut compact and even solid frozen meat. K200n: 82 HP / 60 kW, with PowerPlus option 109 HP / 80 kW. K120n: 48 HP / 35 kW, with PowerPlus option 82 HP / 60 kW.


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Models (litres) 120lt
Dimensions (H x W x D) 192 x 272 x 241cm
Max. Power Consumption 60A
Knife Speed Variable 1.000 - 4.000rpm - pre-select buttons 1.000/2.000/3.000/4.000rpm
Net approx. weight 1,600kg
Operating Temperature +5°C - +40°C
Approx. batch size soft mix - 20 - 90kg | tough mix - 20 - 60kg
Machine Power 35kW
Power Requirement Three Phase
Linear Knife Speed at 4.000rpm up to 100m/s
Sound pressure level at 1 m 75dB(A)
Recommended relative humidity level 20 - 90%


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Talsa 120lt Bowl Cutter



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