Bowl Cutters

Used extensively in Food Production and Meat Processing, Bowl Cutters are designed to emulsify all types of food products, from thick to very fine textures.


Bowl cutters are manufactured with a horizontally revolving bowl with a set of knives rotating vertically, with results right before your eyes, allowing you to adjust the program during the cycle to ensure perfect results.


Features and Benefits

Popular for batch operations

Such as dips, frankfurts, coarse sausages

Large 7" Digital User Interface

Allows for speed cycle changes

Temperature Controls

Programmable automatic stop triggered by temperature limit

3 Knife Head

Optional 6 Knife Upgrade Available


Bowl Cutters Available for Hire with Viking Hire



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The Talsa Bowl Cutter range comes in sizes fitting all applications, from small to high volume processing. 3 knives are fitted as standard on all bowl cutters, with the optional upgrade available for 6 knives for further efficiency.


A transparent noise protection cover protects the mixture against accidents, and allows for the user to closely monitor the cycle to ensure ideal results. Talsa Bowl Cutters are fitted with a large 7″ Digital User Interface, allowing you to set programs to ensure consistent workflows, unqiue to the Talsa range is the ability to set an automatic stop triggered by temperature limit and/or elapsed time. This is particularly useful for the production of dips and foods that require a maintained low temperature to retain flavour and texture.



Talsa Bowl Cutters are manufactured by Talsa – Global Leader in the manufacture of food & meat processing equipment, located in Spain and with over 100 years of experience in the food industry.


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