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Social Media - The Free Food Marketing Tool



Social media has fast become the world’s most powerful communication platform. It has infiltrated all facets of modern society and possesses marketing/advertising powers never seen before. For the food industry, an array of businesses are employing social media as a dynamic tool to freely showcase products to a wide audience.

There is no denying the scope and demand for food related posts on popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and most notably Instagram. The potential reach is now global and instant, and the ease and accessibility of this activity is a key feature to its marketing potential.

Anyone in the food industry that provides, produces, distributes, or presents food products to a customer base should be taking advantage of social media’s value-adding capacity. 

We have seen it successfully implemented by chefs, restaurateurs, local butchers, boutique food stores and large corporations. However, there are still many who “don’t have time” to operate a social media account or worse, aren’t even on social media. 
For those, the advice is simple. Get online, get active and don’t get left behind.
Its incredible how one simple Instagram photo can alter a public’s perception of your brand/product.

Download our FREE E-book Guide to Social Media & Food




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