Dry Age to Perfection with the DRY AGER DX1000

The Dry Ager Meat Maturing Fridge – for use by butchers, restaurants, artisan meat suppliers and the enthusiastic home ‘foodie’. The Perfect Partner for Dry Aging.


  • Humicontrol manages humidity without external water supply
  • DX Air Reg maintains optimal airflow, with carbon filter and sterilization with UVC system
  • Temperature controlled
  • 100kg Capacity
  • Stylish and modern design, LED light & lockable glass door
  • 100% Made in Germany


Our ambition was to develop and produce an affordable dry aging fridge, which looks as good as it works. We succeeded and the result is the DRY AGER DX1000. A timeless modern design, bristling with modern technology.


Inside the fridge, the meat ages on the bone at a constant humidity of around 85% and a temperature of 2 °C. The precise electronic control system of the DRY AGER DX 1000 ensures the accurate regulation of temperature, which can be set in precise 0.1 °C increments.


The humidity is also controlled accurately through the integrated HumiControl system, which can be set between 60% and 90%. This guarantees, together with the DX AirReg system, a perfect microclimate, an ideal air-flow and continuous sterilization inside the DRY AGER – even when the outside temperature fluctuates.



To protect the contents inside the fridge from harmful UV-light, the stylish insulated stainless door incorporates a metallic tinted glass.

The DRY AGER is not only restricted to dry aging beef, but can also be used for the production of charcuterie, air drying cured ham and many other applications as well as maturing cheese.


What is Dry Aging?

Dry Aging – the concept of meat maturing. To achieve the best result from any Beef it needs aging, and aging needs time. Dry Aging is a traditional way of aging meat to produce an extraordinary tender and intensive flavour. A method used for many years, through which beef reaches the highest possible grade.


To obtain the perfect steak, you need do no more than use this tried and tested method, but now in a high tech controlled environment.


For best results, meat should be hung on the bone for a specific time in a microclimate of controlled temperature, humidity and air quality. In this way it can age naturally.


The pleasure when eating dry-aged meat is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.

The texture cannot be compared to an “ordinary piece of meat”. So no wonder dry-aged beef is recognised by foodies as the “king of meats” on the steak menu.




The Result

The best meat recognised for Dry Aging is beef, especially the sirloins from a young animal.


The meat becomes extremely tender, especially if it has a good fat content and high rate of internal marbling.


The longer the beef is hung in the DRY AGER, the more intensive the flavour becomes. Over this period an unusual aroma is apparent. A similar smell to cured ham or musk, freshly baked bread or hoar frost.


Over time, the beef acquires a dark colour and thin crust on the exposed surface. When process is complete, this thin crust is trimmed off and the dry aged meat is de-boned or cut into steaks ready for the pan or grill.


The result is unlike a normal steak. The texture is softer, the flavour is more intense – it just melts in your mouth. The secret is oxygen, which titillates the natural enzymes of the meat over time.


Time, balances the meat to produce an exceptional result.