Dry Aging Rooms with DRY AGER Production Units

For retailers and restauranteurs who have successfully been able to provide a genuine, in-house feel to their products, it’s time to take it one step further with dry aging rooms.


Dry aging has never been so easy, especially with the most precise and professional technology available, all made in Germany, the DRY AGER Production Units gives you the ultimate dry aging experience when you need it at scale permanently.


The efficient plug & play cooling units are able to be retrofitted into an existing walk-in cool room. Installation is easy – simply install into the roof of the cool room and set parameters.


The DRY AGER Production Units are supplied as plug-in solutions and have all the technical features of a fully-equipped dry aging production facility.


Integrated UVC sterilisation ensures maximum safety and guarantees perfect dry aging results.


Imagine having customers walk past your dry aging room as they pass through your store, wow’d by the precise skill it takes to perfectly dry age, further building their loyalty with you and the products you offer.


Proudly supplied by Viking Food Solutions, the DRY AGER Meat Aging Range is your ultimate tool for a lasting point-of-difference.