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SKU: 53790

Viking Planus Burger Former & Stacker

Fully automatic burger forming machine with 40lt hopper and outfeed conveyor, provided with security cover. Standard model equipped with paper interleaving system.

Machine is equipped with an output conveyor length 1 meter. By means of a touch screen the operator can program the number of burgers to stack and the distance between stacks.


Programs can be saved in order to recall the stored disposition of different types of burgers. Completely built out of AISI 304 stainless steel and other approved materials for food industry according to the Machine Directive 2006/42/CE.


Machine equipped with automatic wire cleaning system.


Product image with upgraded 60lt Hopper. 40lt Hopper standard.

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Standard Specifications

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Machine Capacity adjustable, up to 2300 - 3300 pieces/hr
Burger Weight variable 70 - 180g at 100mm diameter
Burger Diameter 100mm
Hopper Capacity 40L
Outfeed Belt Length 1 meter
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) incl. outfeed belt 1425 x 807 x 2185mm
User Interface Touchscreen & Programmable
Hygiene Disassembled without tools for quick cleaning
Power 240V - 1kW
Net Weight 200kg


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1m Conveyor with Shield

Easy Access to Drum

No Tools Required

Large 40lt Hopper

Upgrade to 60lt Available

Hopper Quick Release

Latch Quick Release System

Different Shape Inserts Available

Nuggets, Koftas, Sliders, Burgers & More

Dual Motor Fitting

For Easy Cleaning

On Wheels


Paper Feed

Quick & Simple to Fit New Papers

Paper Feed Release

Quick Setup

Custom Programs

Completely Automate the Workflow

Services Required

Air & Single Phase Power

User Display Cover

To Protect From Splashing



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Viking Planus Burger Former & Stacker