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Talsa 165 Water Cooker




Talsa Water Cookers are designed for boiling meat products such as smallgoods and other applications in the food industry.

Available in five capacities: 165lt, 250lt, 335lt, 505lt & 725lt

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Standard Specifications

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Capacity 165lt
Power - Cooker 20A 415V 5 Pin
Power - Controller 240V
Heat Elements 2
Machine Dimensions (W x D x H) cm 80 x 107 x 111
Chamber Dimensions (W x D x H) cm 44 x 70 x 54
Thermal Fluid 36lt / 31kg
Weight 237kg
Mesh Basket Available from Viking
Controller Temperature Range 20° - 105°C
Operating Temperature Range Ambient - 99.9°C

Talsa Water Cookers are fully constructed in AISI304 Stainless Steel, including interior, and Made in Germany.


The top cover is able to be opened, closed, moved and remain open at any angle from 20° – 80°.


The high quality lid seal prevents any steam from escaping, which assists in reaching the desired temperature faster and performing more efficiently, resulting in less wasted energy consumption.


Front taps allow filling for hot and cold water, while the drainage tap is also made with a safety guard to prevent accidental release.


All model sizes include an oil chamber, allowing for uniform heat distribution for better cooking and eliminates the possibility of burning food at the bottom of the chamber.


The oil chamber also maintains the initial heat for the next cook, saving time and energy, for a more efficient workflow.


The oil chamber and lid are thermally insulated with fireproof glass and aluminium sheeting, keeping the heat in longer and saving energy. This chamber is also easy to access when changing parts or servicing.


Four legs provide for uninterrupted floor cleaning, all rounded and adjustable feet allow for precise leveling of the water cooker.


Radius internal chamber allows for easy cleaning.


The User Interface for setting temperature, duration and delay program start is externally mounted to the water cooker on a separate switchboard to allow for precise setting of the unit and programs.


The Talsa Water Cookers are fitted with an acoustic alarm to alert the operator that the end of the cycle has been reached.


Stainless Steel Mesh Baskets are used to extract the product, with the use of hoists.


An additional temperature probe is also available to help measure the core temperature of large pieces of product, such as hams, this is particularly useful for when checking the core temperature of product while it is still in the mesh basket during the cooking process.



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Recessed Corners

For easy cleaning

Safety Guard

Prevents accidental release

High Quality Lid Seal

Helps machine perform more efficiently

Lid opens & closes effortlessly

Open at any angle from 20° - 80°



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Talsa 165lt Water Cooker


Talsa Water Cookers Overview