• Viking Bandsaw 800- square
  • wheel
  • top-wheel
  • table
  • scrapper
  • plastic-thing
  • latch
  • guide2
  • guide
  • button
  • Blade
  • feet

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SKU: 55480

Viking 800 Bandsaw



The Viking 800 is a heavy duty unit that incorporates a sleek design.

This Bandsaw is suitable for high volume cutting requirements and is suited to heavy industrial work in large scale boning rooms, supermarkets an abattoirs.

If you’re looking for a high throughput Bandsaw that will provide you with an unparalleled experience, then look no further than the Viking Bandsaw Range.

Extremely popular for the ease of use, cleaning friendly and ergonomically designed, Viking Bandsaws are manufactured in Spain to high standards, with spare parts readily available and in stock at Viking Melbourne.


  • Swing guard

Optional Features:

  • Lifting Table, making cleaning easier
  • Drop Down Chute, easy exit for cuts

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Standard Specifications

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Cutting Space (W x H) 420 x 480mm
Blade Speed 2100 meters/min
Blade Length 3500mm
External Dimensions (W x L x H) 1080 x 950 x 2030mm
Cutting Capacity (H x W) 480 x 425mm
Break Motor 415V / 10A / 4kW
Pulleys Stainless Steel, double rim 450mmØ
Blade Reorder Code (Box of 10) SKU: 301003

Features of Viking Bandsaws

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Stainless Steel Wheels
5mm Thick Table
Blade Scrapper Deflector
Twin Table Guides
Safety Swing Push Guard
Stainless Steel Bone Dust Tray
Wheel Safety Lip Standard
4 Adjustable Stainless Steel Feet


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Viking Bandsaws 500, 700, 800 Overview