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Autocut Double Stuffer




This machine is going to revolutionise the netting industry:


    • Single Operator Netting System – 1 operator working within a 4m distance of others which will keep employees safe within the factory environment by enabling social distance working. A standard netting operation could be up to 7 people stood within a 4m diameter.


    • Reducing Labour – by 85% compared to a standard Double Stuffing Line – Net over 1200 joints per hour and receive a Return On Investment in just 10 months!


    • Improving Presentation – Dramatically reducing springback with our revolutionary centralising rollers and stretched net cutting. This reduces netting waste by up to 50% and ensures the net is central on the joint.


    • Increased Control – Consistent end lengths – reducing waste.


    • Optional Mobile Application – Reduce site visits from external engineers and line down time by using the mobile application which runs on any browser to diagnose machine faults, upload software updates and feedback to your engineers and ours.


    • Compact Design and Toolless Changes – Improve the the speed of your cleaning with belts that require no tools for removal.


    • Less Down Time – 700mm long tubes, meaning fewer tube changes.

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Speed 20 cycles / min
Weight 900kg
Compressed Air Pressure 80 psi (6 BAR)
Minimum Flow 50ft3 or 1415 litres per minute
Power 240V
Packed Crate Dimensions L x W X H 4546 x 1000 x 1600mm


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Scotnet Autocut Double Stuffer


Scotnet Autocut Double Stuffer




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