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SKU: 5061400

Smoke Rite 1400 Smoke Oven

The Smoke Rite 1400 Oven is manufactured from high grade 304 stainless steel. (Internal & external).

The Microprocessor Controller is user friendly and stores 99 user set smoking, drying & cooking times / recipes.

Programmable features include:

  • Steam Generation
  • Oven and Core Temperature
  • Smoke Time
  • Delayed Starting
  • Cold Water Product Showing
  • Clean Assist reducing time between cooking
  • Preheat

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Standard Specifications

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Capacity 25 - 35 Hams approx.
Power 3 PH 415V AC, 27 kw 38 A per phase 200°C Cooking
Dimensions (Internal) 1181 x 930 x 1460mm
Standard Features 200°C Temperature, Auto Vents, Internal Drip Tray, Product Shower, External Control Keypad
Optional Features Oven Connect Program, Cold Smoke Box
Dimensions (External) 1340 x 1082 x 2290mm


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Smoke Rite Oven 1400


Smoke Rite Oven 1400 Technical Specifications


Smoke Rite Oven 1400 Flue Diagram



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