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Viking 700 Bandsaw

The Viking 700 is a heavy duty unit that incorporates a sleek design. This bandsaw is suitable for high volume cutting requirements and is suited to heavy industrial work in large scale boning rooms, supermarkets and abattoirs.


  • Swing Guard, adding safety to every cut

Optional Features:

  • Lifting Table, making cleaning easier
  • Drop Down Chute, easy exit for cuts

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Cutting Space (W x H) 370 x 420mm
Blade Speed 1900 meters/min
Blade Length 3155mm
External Dimensions (W x L x H) 1020 x 935 x 1890mm
Cutting Capacity (H x W) 420 x 375mm
Break Motor 415V / 10A/ 3kW
Pulleys Stainless Steel, double rim