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Bandsaw Blades

A huge range of Bandsaw Blades available for Viking, Barnes or Thompson Bandsaws.

Available for purchase online coming soon.

Comes in a box of 10

Size To suit:
 2500mm x 5/8” Viking 500
2580 x 5/8” Thompson 350
2870mm x 1/2” Barnes Junior
3155mm x 5/8” Viking 700
3200mm x 5/8” Thompson Mk6
3280mm x 5/8” Thompson Mk3
3500mm x 5/8” Viking 800
3600mm x 1/2” Barnes Mark 1 Bandsaw

Product is not for sale online. Find out why?

We need to be really sure this will be the right part for your machine. Sometimes parts can look very similar, that's why we don't sell this online.

To order, please talk to one of our technicians on the phone: 1300 88 99 51

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