Why Value Add?

You’ve probably heard the term value-add before – the idea of adding an extra feature to your product to increase the sell price has become a pretty common technique. But why is it important that you should implement it in your business?

Value adding is one of the best ways to take your business to the next level. It means you are no longer a company which simply buys and sells a product for a slight margin, which can be a constrictive, limiting business model.

By personally adding value to the product you sell it becomes something unique that you have created – and therefore intrinsically gains more value to customers.

It also helps formulate and develop your brand – which is becoming increasingly important in a world where many customers choose products based merely on the associations they make with the brand.

Working out what image you create with your value-add product can help you influence how customers perceive your business. For instance if your value-add products are gourmet smoked meats, your customers will be willing to pay more for anything you sell as your brand will be considered epicurean.

Value adding can be achieved in all sorts of ways. Think about how you can make your products stand out – be it gourmet options such as smoked foods, personalized packaging, or unique flavour combinations.

Today’s consumers are bombarded by constant streams of advertising and information, and countless variations on every imaginable product. Make sure they can see there is greater worth in what you sell.



Value-adding machinery could be your solution to going that extra mile for your customers and providing them with interesting marinades and higher-quality product without putting you out with hours and extra labour.





Many businesses around Australia have experienced enormous growth just by utilising value-adding machinery in their shop; giving themselves a great point-of-difference to their nearest competitors.



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