Viking Food Solutions Response Plan to Covid-19 Pandemic

At Viking Food Solutions, we recognise that everyone is affected by the evolving circumstances caused by the spread of COVID-19. To all of our customers, our thoughts are with you, your businesses and your families during these uncertain times. 

It’s important that we respond appropriately as an organisation to curtail the disruption caused. Below is a summary of Viking Food Solution’s Coronavirus response plan.


Minimising the affect on our customers


We want to help minimise the effects of COVID-19 for our customers. We are working with suppliers to ensure we can maintain continuous supply over the coming weeks. We understand that our customers are facing unprecendented situations with this virus, and want to ensure that we are able to provide solutions for these problems, and continue to meet demand.


Minimising the affect on our stock levels


We are focusing on minimising the problems created by COVID-19 for both our customers and ourselves. At this stage, we anticipate that we can continue to operate our business as normal and avoid major supply chain disruption.


While we sympathise with the challenges faced by our people and those we work with, this situation will not change our commitment to providing solutions that assist the food industry to grow.


Internal increased hygiene measures

At Viking Food Solutions, protecting the health and safety of our people and those we work with will always be our overriding priority. It’s of paramount importance to us that we comply with all regulations and suggestions issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and relevant government authorities to ensure we minimise the risk of spreading the infection.


We have already implemented a range of precautions, including increasing our hygiene, cleaning, sanitation practices and restricting access to non-essential site visitors. We are also encouraging the use of video conferencing where preferable, and reconsidering travel where it makes sense to do so.


If we become aware that an employee is ill or has been in close contact with someone with COVID-19, we will immediately implement our isolation and sanitisation protocols and will begin any necessary quarantines, in line with guidance from local health officials.



Transmission through food


We’re a part of the food industry, and we understand not only how important our industry is to the public, but also how important maintaining hygiene and food safety is for our customers, so we’re committed to maintaining and improving our high standard in these areas during this period.


According to the CDC, there has been no known coronavirus transmission through food, and there is “likely very low risk of spread from food products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient, refrigerated, or frozen temperatures.” However, it’s important that we work on ensuring absolute safety.


As the global situation around COVID-19 continues to progress, Viking Food Solutions will update our response to meet any new challenges. We will continue to align with any further advice from the World Health Organisation and the relevant Australian Government Authorities.