Top 3 Benefits of Shrink Bags

Two main forms of food packaging used across the entire food industry are Vacuum Pouches and Shrink Bags.


Vacuum Pouches are widely used to pack products such as fresh mince, poultry, pet food, cheese, and even dry food products.


The process involves removing air from the package before sealing it. This will preserve the product inside the pouch and can come in a range of finishes, plain through to full-custom printed pouches.


Shrink Bags go one step further and provide a higher level of protection for the product.


Shrink bags are used right through the fresh red meat industry, as well as smallgoods and dairy industries.


Here’s the top 3 benefits of using Shrink Bags

  1. Higher oxygen barrier = Extended shelf life
  2. With the pack being shrunk around the product, there is no room for juice purge  = improved presentation & shelf life
  3. Reduces the amount of plastic seen by the consumer

With its oxygen barrier materials in the packaging makeup, your product’s aroma, flavour and presentation is preserved more much longer than leaving in a vacuum pouch. This will give your product far greater shelf life and reduce wastage in products.


Looks sells! Improved shelf presentation is key to getting your product off the supermarket shelf, into trolleys and purchased by consumers, it’s no wonder why more food manufacturers are moving toward custom printed, eye-grabbing packaging, simply because it helps sell the product!


With the shrink bag forming around the product, and this is perfect for products such as poultry, bone-in meat etc, there is less area for any juice purge in the pack.


This improves the look of the product, giving the customer greater confidence in the product they are purchasing.


With the education around being more environmentally conscious in our everyday lives, more and more consumers are demanding that food manufacturers adopt a climate-friendly approach with their food packaging.


By simply reducing the amount of plastic that is seen by the customer around your product, your product (when sat side-by-side) to its competitors will look far more appealing to today’s environmentally-conscious consumer than its nearest competitor.


Shrink bags are one of the food industry’s most extensively used form of packaging, mainly for its incredible benefits and high puncture resistance it offers.


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