The Rise of American Burger Culture in Australia

Burgers have always been a popular choice among Australian’s, particularly in the mid-to-late 20th century with the rise of the fast food phenomenon. However, it has only been the past five years that we have seen a dramatic rise in the popularity and number of boutique, specialised burger joints. They are now a culinary powerhouse in the Aussie food scene and looks to stay that way.


The American diner style restaurant experience has infiltrated Melbourne and Sydney’s suburbs and now dominates our food landscape due to the accessibility, low cost to portion size and obvious cultural trend that it possesses.

The burger market size has inflated exponentially and has disrupted a previously sound fast food industry, with the obvious major players like McDonald’s and Hungry Jacks commanding burger supremacy.



In fact, it seems as if the burger trend has created its own sub-industry, stemming off from the larger chains. While large corporations might not be losing business from the rise of specialty burger shops, people now have a choice and are enjoying turning the tasty, quick meal into an authentic restaurant experience.

And it seems the big burger brands are taking notice. McDonald’s notably rolled out a DIY “Create Your Taste” menu option, where you design and order a more exclusive, ‘burger shop’ looking meal. If McDonald’s is reacting, it’s a solid indicator of a powerful cuisine shift.


So why are burgers so big?


Whether it’s our fascination with America or just generally love high quality, affordable, delicious food – burger joints are here to stay. History shows that US culture penetrates and influences Australian trends and is more significant in modern, digital society. Now that burger joints are an established force, it seems likely they’re here to stay.


Such a simple food has been revolutionised and is now a staple in Melbourne and Sydney’s food backdrop. Signature burgers from various shops are sought after, with imagination and professionalism put into every creation.

Social media is a contemporary power that has driven the rise of American style burgers in Australia. The consumer is now an online marketing tool, as we document, photograph, post, tag, share etc. our favourite food spots and meals.


Burgers are especially photogenic and makes many mouths water. There are even dedicated Instagram accounts dedicated to reviewing Melbourne’s best burgers!



So, how are Viking Food Solutions involved in this national burger movement?


We supply quality burger machines to businesses looking for both product quality and consistency while helping meet consumer demand. We add value to already impressive shops or assist new ventures with professional support.

For example, we have helped Fish & Burger Co. become one of Melbourne’s leading suburban burger shops with our Viking Planus Hamburger Machine, capable of producing 2100 patties per hour in customisable shapes and sizes.


Their attention to detail and substantial menu variety is a testament to their creativity and professionalism, and also the Viking burger machine’s capabilities and performance.