Masterchef Australia 2019 features the Viking Vacuum Packer

Viking Food Solutions was proudly featured on the 2019 season of Australia’s favourite cooking show – MasterChef Australia!

It’s essential that the vacuum packer that you use in your facility meets the requirements of your scale and continuously performs to a high standard.


Earlier in the year, MasterChef approached Viking Food Solutions for exactly that, but in a vacuum packer.


A technically intricate and inspiring desert was the aim of the game on this pressure test episode of MasterChef, requiring contestants to really test their culinary skills and showcase the new skills they have developed during their time on the show.


With special guest, Ashley Palmer-Watts, the contestants knew they were in for an adventure of huge proportions. A complex, and complicated recipe to test contestants like they haven’t experienced before. Cooking a layered lamington cake – not like you’ve ever seen in your life.


At the base was a chocolate biscuit, above was chewy caramel dacquoise, oozing raspberry center encased in a dark chocolate ganache. A white chocolate and rum mousse decorating the layered cake and on top, the glossiest gel and laser-cut sorbet.

Our Viking Vacuum Packer was seen in episode 56 when contestants were set the task of a lamington cake.


The vacuum packer was used to suck all the air out of the liquid inside of the gel. The finished product will be a very smooth gel – giving the lamington cake a beautiful glossy sorbet dropping on top.


Viking Food Solutions is honoured to have been selected by MasterChef Australia to provide the contestants with a vacuum packer that will give them a perfect gloss finish on the gels to re-create the Ashley Palmer-Watts Lamington Cake.