Why should your products be different shapes and sizes?

Put yourself into the zone of the family favourite foods. Those quick snacks before dinner to curb the after-school hungries. The nuggets, tenders and calamari parents can quickly heat and have at the ready. Today, people will pay a premium for the convenience that these ready-to-serve options give.


Why is this important for your business?


Well, you could be selling the most delicious, free-range, hormone-free chicken breast available. But, at the end of the day it will still be a chicken breast. And sometimes, that might be exactly what your customers want. But why confine yourself to just selling this when there is a hundred other ways to present chicken which give it greater value to different demographics.


But your motivation for creating new products is not confined to giving parents the solutions they so desperately need after a long day to keep the kids quiet. It’s allowing yourself to have a great enough range that you can ultimately fulfill as many as your customers’ needs as possible.


Make it your goal to be the one-stop-shop for multiple meals and not just a stop-along-the-way.


So how does reshaping and changing the presentation of your products help achieve this?

Value adding of course.


Value adding is a simple concept – it involves finding ways to give your customers the feeling that by shopping with you, they are getting more value for their money. You are more than just a buy-and-sell store, you add your own unique twist, addition and thus value to the products you sell.


This could be in the form of offering trending products or featured deals, a special marinade or meal solution. Sometimes it can be as easy as stepping back and considering, what would your target customers find most valuable when shopping with you?


We consider value adding a vital element for success in our customers’ businesses. Staying on trend and speaking to your key customers is pivotal to creating this growth.


As a simple and effective example, why not make your products in different shapes and sizes?


Are you already offering a homemade beef burger patties? Take it a step further and introduce rissoles and sliders. You use the same ingredients and simply transform the end product, allowing you customer more options.


Fill more of your cabinet display and dramatically improve your customer’s experience with more dinner and meal solutions from your store.