What keeps your customers coming back?

Owners, managers, and staff of food businesses are acutely aware of their loyal customers.


For butcher shops, it may be the elderly couple picking up their weekly selection of meat. For restaurants, it may be the regular monthly double daters. For burger shops, it may be the nearby office workers satisfying their cravings.

We know and love our regular customers, but why do they keep coming back to you? And more importantly, how can you get more regulars you can rely on to provide a consistent cash flow?

It often comes down to something as simple as the P.O.D – the point of difference that sets a business apart and above its competitors.

What’s your P.O.D?


A point of difference for a food business can come in many different forms.

For example, we’ve helped butchers take their products from plain to premium with Viking’s custom printed packaging options.


Many butchers rely on their personal customer service to win returning customers. However, friendliness needs to be met with efficiency. We’ve provided many butcher shops with value adding equipment, like our fast sausage manufacturing range and our kofta press, which you can see in action here. These are just examples of how high-quality, affordable food processing equipment can ensure your operation runs smoothly, for you and the customer.


For restaurants, we often find high-end steakhouses combining the design of the restaurant with the product. Displaying a dry-ager cabinet is not only a design statement, the quality of the meat served is majorly enhanced. The good news is that our dry-agers are not exclusive to high-end restaurants, and can be an affordable asset for any restaurant looking to improve and upgrade their product and business’s reputation.


If your peak business time is during work hours, with lots of foot traffic, what are you doing to capture a customer’s attention in their very first visit and stop them passing by the next day?


For example, during a mad lunchtime rush, a street-food style restaurant needs to keep up with demand and maintain product quality and consistency. One sub-par experience for a customer, either due to service or product, is enough to turn them off for life and spread negative sentiment about your business.


The solution to this scenario?

Viking’s automatic hamburger machine. It creates customisable burgers – fast. Allowing you to deliver high quality food and extra time to focus on customer service.


These examples are just a few real-life examples of how Viking takes Australian food business problems and turns them into high-value, long term solutions.


If you want more customers coming back to you more often, talk to us today.