Australia's #1 Bone-in Shrink Bag

Perfectly present your bone in products without bone guards or bone covers.

Viking Food Solutions actively persists in keeping up with developments in technology and materials, allowing our valued customers to reap the benefits in everyday business.


We develop products based on the idea of increasing efficiency, productivity, and maximising profits for our clients. Our heavy-duty premium ‘bone-in’ shrink bags perfectly exemplify this vision of making your work-life easier while adding value to your operation.


This packaging material was designed to minimise preparation time when packaging meat products that have harder, sharper edges such as; T-Bone steaks, spare ribs, loin cuts, chops or unfilleted fish. The idea is that the product can be packaged without being de-boned, which as industry professionals, we are aware that this can be a time-consuming exercise.


By eliminating this task, the bone-in bags can improve your profit margin in several ways, such as:


  • Improved productivity and efficiency – overlap bags on the seal bar
  • Less wastage due to extended shelf life
  • Less wastage from packaging tears – damaged products
  • Less product handling (OH&S)
  • Serve boned meats individually for single sale
  • Enhanced product appearance
  • More time for other important tasks!

So how do the heavy-duty bone-in shrink bags differ from regular bags?


Viking’s shrink bags use EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Co-Polymer), which provides a superior barrier to oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and helium, while containing no chlorine. This naturally increases the shelf life of meat products. It also assists in protecting products from high abuse such as multiple sales, freight handling and cross contamination.


Our heavy-duty bone-in bags are the VikingMax 105 variety. The name represents its thickness – 105µm – perfect for sharp edged foods. It has a fantastic shrink-rate of 35% and still contains an eye-catching high gloss, transparent finish. Your custom business labels can still be applied for extra aesthetical appeal and professionalism.


VikingMax 105 is stronger than other packaging materials due to its carefully designed layering structure. 11-layers are used in total, each with a specific function and each working to fully protect your product.


In the food industry, your food is your income. By protecting your product, Viking’s heavy-duty shrink bags are protecting your revenue.