5 Things to consider when upgrading from adhesive labels to printed packaging

It can sometimes feel daunting to change a major component of your established product.


However, change is good, especially if you’re upgrading to a printed pouch from plain one with an adhesive label.


Here’s the top 5 reasons why we advocate moving from labels to printed pouches:


Cost of packaging is reduced


It’s not uncommon to start out using plain pouches with an adhesive label on the front. You’ll find most notable brands began the same way. But the big misconception many believe is that the cost will skyrocket once you turn to a printed option. The facts are, in most cases it will actually decrease.


Why? Because instead of paying for two separate elements (label and the pouch) you are only paying for the one – and this difference adds up.


Typically you will see a long term saving of up to 10% on your overall packaging costs when doing this.


Cost of labour is reduced


The labels don’t stick to the packaging by themselves – you’re actually paying someone to do this. Save on this menial task and automate it, repurpose your staff to quality control or warehousing.




Provide your customers with a proper, enjoyable commercial experience. You have spent the time, effort and sometimes your life capital into perfecting your range, and now have a loyal customer following. It’s time to level up and showcase you achievements by providing a premium customer experience.


This is also ideal for products that may be stocked in the freezer, in humid supermarkets or for cook-in application as it overrides the concern that a label will not present well.


Remember, labels may fall off, or colour may shift with temperatures, with printed pouches, this is never a concern.


Consistency of sticker placement


Have you ever tried to colour within the lines and noticed you’ve gone a bit over? We’re only human, but having a crooked sticker isn’t the most inspiring way to present your product, and it’s not a great first impression to your brand.


Printed pouches removes this worry as printing done through commercial printing facilities automate exact placement on bags.


One supplier


Typically, you source your labels from one supplier and your plain pouches from another. Therefore, if supplier has supply chain issues, it will affect all your packaging. You can’t have a label without a pouch after all!


By merging this into the one supplier, it reduces the risk of supply chain issues, simplifies production and quality control and halves freight charges.