New Australian Pork Consumer Mark

The current Australian Pork logo has significant demand, serving as both a corporate emblem, a consumer advertising symbol, and a quality assurance seal for packaging.


However, research has highlighted the need for a more straightforward means of identifying Australian pork products, as the current logo lacks visibility and ease of comprehension.


In response, Australian Pork conducted a comprehensive study of logos preferred by consumers to better understand their preferences.


Their findings revealed that the most favoured logo closely resembles the existing Australian Pork logo but offers enhanced simplicity in comprehension and greater ease of recognition on store shelves.

The new Australian Pork Consumer Mark has been designed and tailored specifically for consumer-focused advertising.


It will serve as the primary emblem for retail products featuring Australian pork and will serve as the hallmark of quality on packaging.


The pink Australian Pork square logo will continue to represent Australian Pork Limited as its corporate symbol.


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To ensure a seamless transition to the new logo, a grace period is in effect, but it expires on December 31, 2024.


For more information visit Australian PorkMark Program website