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Reco Valko 420 Tray Sealer

Semi-automatic thermo tray sealer. Automatic sealing cycle. Complete with customised mold with profile cut.

Ideal for ready meals and fresh, ready to be consumed vegetables (Gas Flushing).

• In stainless steel, suitable for gastronomies
• Ideal for ready meals and fresh cut products
• Compressed air needed
• Automatic winding of the film while pushing the mould in
• Automatic sealing cycle
• Adjustable sealing time from 0 to 10 secs

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Machine Dimensions (D x W x H) 750 x 590 x 570mm
Max. Impression with Profile Cut 275 x 380mm
Max. Height of Tray 150mm
Max. Width of Roll 420mm
Voltage 230V
Power Consumption 1.25kW
Weight 58kg
Power Supply Single Phase 10A