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FM 300

Horizontal Flow Wrapper (HFFS) that makes a totally hermetic three sealing pillow pack for fresh food in modified atmosphere (MAP).

High performance level.



FM 300 is a machine developed to pack fresh food products in a Flow-Pack (pillow pack) style bag with three seals.

This model has been developed in the ULMA Packaging Technological Center by a combined team made of specialized engineers and researchers. The result is a machine that incorporates the state of the art packaging technology, to satisfy the most exigent requirements in the food industry.

The construction made fully in stainless steel and on a cantilevered frame, its high degree of protection against moisture, together with its design made of parts that can be easily disassembled to sanitize the machine, turns the FM 300 machine into the ideal packaging machine for a very wide range of applications in the fresh food industry.

The FM 300 machine is equipped with a Box Motion sealing head powered by two independent motors. This technology provides a very high degree of flexibility and allows also to obtain very high quality hermetic seals in those versions dedicated to MAP, without loosing its great production capacity.

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  • Electronic machine powered by several independent motors that are synchronized and controlled by an Industrial PC based motion control system. All these features and technologies make a very flexible and highly versatile machine, and reduce product changeover time to minimum levels.
  • The machine is fully built on a cantilevered stainless steel frame, to ensure the maximum hygiene and sanitation levels. The design prevents dirt trap areas and also provides easy access to the drive components for maintenance.
  • In-feed conveyor is designed so that it can be easily removed and dissembled to simplify its cleaning and sanitation.
  • Front loading reel holder with a pneumatic film roll fastening system makes easy the reel changeover for the operators.
  • Fully flexible folding box to adapt the film The machine stores the product height, so that it is recalled with every product changeover. The machine then automatically sets the sealing roller height and the cross sealing jaws centre to the stored position.
  • Box Motion sealing head powered by two independent motors, to provide a very high degree of flexibility and high quality hermetic seals in the versions dedicated to MAP, without loosing the production capacity.
  • Temperature regulation is independent for the different sets of rollers and also for the Top and Bottom sealing jaw. Temperature regulation is integrated in machine’s touch screen.
  • Machine’s control panel is located on a swivel arm so that it can be easily accessed from any machine position. It is equipped with a touch screen that uses very intuitive menus in a very user friendly environment.
  • The “No product – no bag” and “Misplaced product” functions are standard in this machine.