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Nexus 200 Chop Cutter



Our NEXUS automatic slicer range will slice: fresh and frozen meats (-7c), with or without bones; cooked meats; salamis, sausages, fish, and cheese into parallel slices.


The width of the slices can be varied according to need from 2 to 45 mm, even while the machine is running.


Thanks to the unusual geometry of the blade, the cutting action is both powerful and very precise, with no bone fragments produced and halving wastage.


The machines are fitted with “CE“-compliant protective safety systems and can be used by non-specialist personnel thanks to their ease of use.


The machines are manufactured entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel, which is bacteria resistant. Furthermore, all the machines support tool-free disassembly, making the food contact points easy to inspect and enabling very easy cleaning and full washdown of the machine to prevent bacterial contamination, as required by European and US regulations.


NEXUS slicing machines therefore offer more consistent slices of meats to the desired width, reducing waste and bone fragments, giving the meat a more pleasing appearance and allowing it to be preserved for longer periods. Above all, our range helps reduce labour and production time, leading to reduced production costs. Our ‘Tronic’ electronic waste removal system is available as an option.

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Standard Specifications

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Slices/min 180
Max. Product Dimensions 195 x 210mm
Max. Product Length 700mm
Power 415V 10A
Power Consumption 2kW
Weight 260kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1760 x 650 x 1255mm
Machine Dimensions (mm) A=1760 B=980 C=650 D=750 E=1255 F=890


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Viking Nexus 200 Chopcutter




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