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Viking iB4 Frozen Flaker


The Viking Frozen Flaker is designed for flaking frozen food blocks, (meats, curds, chocolate, butter) within processing lines. Also ideal for producing baby food, semi-finished meats, sausages and frankfurts and dairy products without defrosting within a temperature range of -18°C to -3°C.


  • High output is ensure by the high flaking speed of the rotor type blade mechanism
  • The design of the flaking machines prevents shifting, tear-off and violation of the structure of the pieces of frozen meat
  • Even flaking of the product due to the effect of drawing frozen blocks by cutting forces to the rotor blades
  • Simple maintenance, reliability and low operating costs


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Output 4000kg/hr
Mince Motor 1.5kW
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1400 x 1130 x 1680
Sizes of blocks loaded, mm (length) 350 - 600
Sizes of blocks loaded, mm (width) 350 - 400
Sizes of blocks loaded, mm (height) 75 - 200
Thickness of flaked pieces, mm 11
Minimum Product Temperature -18°C
Height of feeder door, mm 1330mm
Height of discharge of flaked product into carriage, mm 640 - 710mm (all standard size buggies)
Power consumption, kW 15kW
Area occupied, m2 1.6m2
Net weight 750 - 760kg


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