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SB Series Granular Ice Flaker

The self contained range of granular flake ice machines produce ice at a temperature of -0.5°C.

The ice is already crushed and ready to be used. Ideal for quick refrigeration of bottles and cocktails and for display or transportation of fish, meat and vegetables. Also suitable for supermarkets, hospitals, bakeries and laboratories.

This range of ice makers produces between 90kg and 155kg each 24 hours, with a storage capacity of 20-115kg.

All models come with stainless steel bodywork and have ice level and water level sensors.

Ideal for display, service, conservation and transportation of fish, meat and vegetables.

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Models SB9, SB90M, SB135, SB155
Cooling System Air/Water Cooled
Ice Production over 24hrs 100 - 135kg depending on model
Storage Capacity 23 - 115kg depending on model