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Gaser 240 Crumbing Line

The Gaser 240 crumbing line is designed for large crumbing and batter applications.
It has a variable speed belt, 15L batter tank fitted with agitator and a 30kg bread crumb hopper for automatic crumb discharge.


  • Automatically batter & crumb hamburgers, schnitzels & meatballs
  • Made with stainless steel & non-toxic plastics
  • Fully dismantle for easy cleaning
  • Mounted on 4 legs with stainless wheels
  • Manufactured in Spain


  • Meatballs
  • Schnitzels
  • Rissoles
  • Tenderloins
  • Fish Fillets
  • Calamari Rings
  • Cutlets


Curtain Upgrade to the Gaser Crumbing Line Available.

Effective for lightweight products such as calamari rings.





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Capacity 3000 - 4000 pieces/hr
Usable Belt Width 240mm
Machine Weight 150kg approx.
Upgrade available Eggwash Shower
Variable Speed 9 - 15m/min
Power Supply 230V
Dimensions 1990 x 680 x 1640mm

Features & Benefits

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Inverter for discharging bread

For quick crumbing changeovers

Variable Speed & Controls

Highly Efficient to Suit Production

Wide Belt

Useable belt with of 240mm

Automatic Breading & Crumbing

Automates the process, only requires two operators



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