Gotzinger Smallgoods

Gotzinger is a rapidly growing Smallgoods manufacturer, currently suppling the major retail chain stores around Australia including Woolworths, Costco and others.


In 2015 Gotzinger’s premium leg ham production and packaging season ran exceptionally well, assisting to cement valuable supply contracts for 2016 and ensuring growth of the company – along with a need for reliable and efficient suppliers.


With a combination of thermoforming lines, chamber vacuuming and shrink tank lines to pack their products, Gotzinger have the requirement for supply of thermoforming film, shrink film and shrink bags.  However, along with great marketing success came fresh packaging challenges, and Gotzinger Smallgoods were on the lookout for a company who could meet these needs with reliable products and custom packaging solutions.


Meeting Viking Food Solutions at Auspack Exhibition in 2015, Gotzinger were impressed with the Viking Shrink Bags and their unique capabilities, resulting in Viking visiting the production plant in Queensland to trial a range of Viking Shrink Bags and Film. The trials went very well, and the Managing Director, General, Factory and Packaging Managers all expressed their approval of the performance of the Viking shrink and barrier packaging options. 


Matching up Gotzinger’s need for custom sized vacuum shrink bags with Viking’s manufacturing facilities has allowed the Gotzinger products to stand out on the retail shelves as “well packaged and well presented”.


Viking is proud to be a valuable supply partner to Gotzinger Smallgoods with Shrink Bags and Film that achieve outstanding product presentation and shelf life, working together to meet the unique challenges and opportunities within the swiftly growing smallgoods industry.