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  • Made completely of 304 stainless steel
  • Sealing system can seal all types of bags
  • Sealing system can have either top seal bar heated or the option of heating both top and bottom seal bars (bi-active sealing)
  • PLC control
  • Colour touch screen with functions menu and help pages
  • Adjustable vacuum system, sealing system and conveyor belt speed
  • Internal scrap cutting system
  • Scrap removal system
  • Smooth surface belt with water resistant double layer
  • Electronic monitoring of vacuum system
  • Electronic control for packaging of products with high vapour load
  • Belt slackening system for easy cleaning of belt
  • Easily removable doors, seal bars and cutting system for service
  • Entire electrical circuit located inside the electrical box to protect against water
  • Internal modem (option)

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Packs Per Minute Up to 24
Belt Operation Automatic
Cutting & Trim Internal Trim Cutting & Removal System
Automatic Line Complete Automatic Line Available
Industries All meat, dairy, cheese products

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