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Ebaki Dual Lane Boneless Meat Slicer

This innovative boneless meat slicer is designed to provide double the efficiency, allowing you to elevate your meat production capabilities to new heights.


Key Features:

Precision Filleting: The Ebaki 2 Lane maintains the highest standards of boneless meat filleting, ensuring consistent product quality.

Time-Saving: Bid farewell to labour-intensive manual processes. The Ebaki 2 Lane optimises your workflow, saving you precious time and resources.

Cost-Efficient: Make a smart investment with the Ebaki 2 Lane. Reduce labour costs, increase output, and minimise waste, all contributing to improved profitability.

User-Friendly: Designed for ease of setup, operation, and cleaning, the Ebaki 2 Lane is accessible to operators of all skill levels.

Hygiene Matters: Prioritising food safety, the Ebaki 2 Lane is constructed using materials that meet rigorous sanitation standards, guaranteeing the safety and quality of your meat products.

Versatility: Whether you’re processing poultry, fish, or red meat, the Ebaki 2 Lane adapts to your specific processing needs, making it a versatile addition to your facility.

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Technical Specifications

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Throughput 4,000kg / hr
Maximum Product Width 130mm per lane
Maximum Product Height 65mm
Cutting Thickness from 3.5mm
Cutting heads included 2
Dimensions 2350 x 1075 x 1350mm
Weight 550kg
Blade & belt speed Variable