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SKU: 515400

ULMA FR 200 HFFS Flow Wrapper



The new ULMA FR200 HFFS Flow Pack Wrapper allows, among other capabilities, increasing packaging speed running much faster than previous models for facilities looking to improve packing efficiencies.


This new model is equipped with the latest motion control technology including a control based on a Industrial PC, which provides the machine with the capabilities of higher level models.


The FR200 Flow Wrapper is built following the distinctive ULMA construction strength, quality and reliability. These characteristics, together with the ease of use and its ergonomics ensure the FR200 satisfies the needs of a wide range of applications.


Main Options:

  • Automatic feeder for trays.
  • Different types and various lengths of infeed conveyor (for continuous run version).
  • “No product – No bag” function.
  • “Misplaced product – Double bag” function.
  • Photoelectric sensor for centering of print registered film (continuous run version).
  • Double self-centering film roll holders.
  • Right to left oriented machine.
  • Stainless steel model for wet environments.

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Product Dimensions

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Jaw Diameter Ø 144mm
Bag Length 90 - 450mm
Product Length 60 - 350mm
Product Width 10 - 250mm
Product Height 5 - 70mm

Technical Specifications

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Speed up to 150 packs / min
Packaging Materials Heat sealable films: BOPP (bi-orientated polypropylene), Polyester, Cellulose, Cold Sealing Films
Film Width Capacity 500mm
Maximum Roll Diameter 300mm
Core Diameter 76mm
Voltage 400V 3 Phase 50/60Hz D Curve Breaker
Max. Power 7,5kW - 10,8kW / 400V - 18,8 A / 230V (standard version)
Pneumatic Consumption from 0 - 50l/m (0 to 1.75CFM) / 6 Bar (90 PSI) (depending on versions and options)
Approximate Weight 800kg


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