• Sectormatic-300

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Sectormatic 300

It’s time to improve workflow productivity, while reducing production time and both labour and production costs.


Cut identical slices of turkey rump, fresh meat, pork belly, tripe, cooked products and more with the Viking Sectormatic 300.


The sliced product remains compact, allowing even a single pre-sliced item to be packaged.


The machines can be inserted into any production line, without any additional labour cost, and supplied complete with both input and output conveyor belts.

For continuous cycle production, the Viking Sectornatic 300 can be linked to heat formers or any other kind of packaging / conveying system, notably reducing production costs.


The width of the slices can be set by simply replacing the blade die.


The Viking Sectormatic 300 is constructed entirely from AISI 304 bacteria-resistant stainless steel, fitted with protective equipment for safety, and easy to use even by non-specialist operators.


The food contact points are easily inspected and cleaned, supporting a complete washdown of the machine.

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Standard Specifications

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Slice width 7-100mm
Blade diameter 300mm
Max. product width 400mm
Max. product height 140mm
Power consumption 415V / 10A
Weight 560kg


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Viking Sectormatic 300