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The Sliding Doors of the Modern Consumer


In all areas of retail – the food industry included – the consumer is constantly changing.

Trends are forever shifting.

The consumer’s needs, demands, purchase behaviours, and reasons for purchase are becoming harder to track. There are now endless consumer categories making it more difficult for businesses to pinpoint a target audience. Not to mention the rise of digital media, giving the modern consumer more avenues than ever before to make decisions and purchases.


So how on earth are traditional food businesses able to keep up with the ever-changing consumer marketplace?

The key word here is traditional. While they don’t need to lose the core values that make them trusted businesses in the community – they must adapt to survive.

Butcher shops, as well as cheese, dairy, beef, and poultry suppliers aren’t renowned for being at the forefront of retail trends – meaning there is added opportunity for those who do it well.

Identifying what your valued customer desires in their shopping experience is key to driving sales and future growth. User experience, whether you’re behind a screen or shopping in person, will have the biggest impact on your monthly sales reports.