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Packaging Case Study: Kaczanowski & Co. Premium Quality Gourmet Smallgoods

Viking Food Solutions have been working with Kaczanowski & Co. Premium Quality Gourmet Smallgoods for a number of years, providing design and packaging solutions for a wide range of their smallgoods & product offerings.

Kaczanowski & Co. have become a household name and preferred smallgoods manufacturer for Australian families since 1986. They started as a family-run butcher shop in NSW, experimenting with recipes for  brines and cures, and before long introducing their own range of smallgoods, which are now stocked Australia-wide at over 80 retail butcher, deli & smallgoods stores.

The partnership began with Kaczanowski approaching Viking Food Solutions in their search for a supplier of a variety of bags for their large range of products.

Over the years, Viking Food Solutions Packaging Team were able to provide more than just a buy and sell relationship, but offered design advice and packaging knowledge to help Kaczanowski products stand out on the product shelf and become recognisable as a go-to smallgoods brand, born right here in Australia.

“The quality of the packaging is high and we very rarely have print or quality problems." Leanne, Kaczanowski & Co. Premium Quality Gourmet Smallgoods

Utilising the highest-quality German product, Viking Food Solutions have been able to provide superior service to Kaczanowski & Co. with minimal disruptions in supply of material.

Viking Food Solutions proudly supplies Kaczanowski Smallgoods with a large range of packaging solutions for their extended product range, including:

• Ham Bone-in Shrink Bags

• Corned Beef Shrink Bags

• Smoked Chicken Shrink Bags

• Roast Lamb Shrink Bags

• Virginia Ham Bags

• Middle Bacon Shrink Bags, and the list goes on!



“We have chosen Viking because of the ease of ordering our product and the size of the run we are after.” Leanne, Kaczanowski & Co.

“The quality of the packaging is high and we very rarely have print or quality problems. If we do have a seal problem, our Account Manager is very attentive with our query.”

Over the years, although the product range has indeed expanded and changed, Kazcanowski have been able to work with the Viking Design Team to create and provide advice on the best packaging solution to fit the product.

“The art department are prompt and take care in providing the correct print for new products.”

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