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Frozen Block Pre-Breaker

The Thompson Frozen Block Pre-Breaker is designed to break up hard and frozen food blocks including meat and dairy products without destroying the texture of the product, eliminating the inconsistently sized particles and product emulsification.

The Thompson Frozen Block Pre-Breaker can take any frozen product without thawing from -18°c to -3°c saving operator’s valuable time and energy. The blocks can be processed within a remarkable 4 seconds to produce an extraordinary production of up to 8t per hour.

Maximum output of the Thompson Frozen Block Pre-Breaker is ensured by the high cutting speed of the rotor type blade mechanisms. The frozen blocks are drawn to the slow speed rotor blades with high torque cutting forces achieving exceptional production output rate.

The frozen meat blocks are easy to load into the cutting area, where they are transformed by sharp blades into slices or with cross blades into smaller cube pieces. It is simple and safe to operate.

The Thompson Frozen Block Pre-Breaker discharges product into 200L euro bins (available from Viking), various size tubs or onto conveyor for continuous feeding into Thompson range of Mixer Mincers for further processing. 20T per hour production output can be achieved if continually conveyor fed.

The robust and reliably built quality means low maintenance and operating costs, providing years of trouble-free operation.

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Standard Technical Speifications

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Production Capacity 8,000kg/hr
Weight of Cut Pieces 100g - 450g
Minimum Product Block Temperature -15°C
Intake Chute Height (from floor) 1300mm
Intake Chute Depth 270mm
Dimensions of Blocks Fed (L x W x H) 600 x 400 x 270mm
Discharge Height 700mm
Floor Area (without service zone) 1.6m2
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 1330 x 1030 x 1630mm
Net Machine Weight 760kg
Motor 15kW
Power Supply 63A
Full Load Current 30A


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Thompson Frozen Block Pre Breaker