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SKU: 509100

Viking AMAPs

This free-standing tray sealer allows for high production levels, and is gas-flush.

It provides a complete seal on your MAP Tray, with the product retaining its colour and vitamin content.

Benefits of using the Viking AMAPS Tray Sealer are:

  • Product retains its colour, its taste, fat & vitamin content
  • The need to use preserving agents is reduced if not eliminated
  • Lower labour costs due to packaging efficiency


  • Semi Automatic
  • 4 Cycles per minute
  • Auto Tray Ejector
  • No Vacuum Pump required
  • Film Photo Cell Eye
  • 240 Volt, Single Phase
  • Mobile Frame
  • Optional Tray Configuration
  • Quick Release Film
  • User friendly PLC
  • Made in Holland

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Efficiency 4 cycles/min
Compressed Air 6 Bar / 10L per cycle
Dimensions (L x W x H) 810 x 785 x 1350mm
Seal Length 325 x 265mm
Seal Width 3mm
Covering Stainless Steel
Knife Contour Knife
Gas Flush Standard Feature
Power 240V


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Viking AMAPs Tray Sealer


AMAPs Tray Sealer Overview