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Christmas Ham Packaging Now Available!

Can you believe it? It’s that time of year again… ALREADY! Christmas preparations are in full swing for both consumers and food businesses. Butcher shops are putting plans in place to step it up this year to stand out from the crowd. As an industry leader in providing the latest food packaging supplies, Viking Food Solutions are hard at work making sure butchers from all over Australia are ready for the mad rush.

What does this mean for butchers?

Experienced butchers are fully aware of the spike in demand that comes with the festive season. Obvious adjustments are made to prepare the shop, such as ordering procedures and staffing requirements.

But how else can the local butcher shop draw in a bigger percentage of the Christmas consumer share and compete with the major players? We know you back your product quality, but making it visually stand out in-store is a key component to driving sales in the coming months.

Viking Food Solutions offers both custom-printed or generic ham bags – adding a sense of professionalism to your already great-tasting product. Ham is a major pulling point over Christmas, and with an engaging packaging option, it can become a renowned feature of the shop.

Providing the consumer with a good food experience during Christmas can generate regular customers for the following year, as well as positive word of mouth communication.

Our printed ham bags not only look great, they are highly durable. Utilising the latest puncture resistant technology and made on site in Australia, a Viking ham bag may just take your Christmas sales to the next level this year.

VikingMAX 95 Puncture Resistant Shrink Bag

Viking Ham Shrink Bag

Features include:

  • Printed with Gold Netting and Modern Styling

  • Generic Private Label Design

  • No Bone-Guard Required

  • No Shank Cap Required

  • High Shine and Clarity

  • Excellent Shrink Rate

Sizes available:

  • Half Ham (400 x 500) – 400 / ctn

  • Full Ham (400 x 690) – 300 / ctn

Set your product apart from the rest while encapsulating the spirit of the season to deliver a merry Christmas for your customers, and your butcher shop.

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