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Best time to buy your Christmas roast

Most of us get a little stressed out trying to work out the biggest and best Christmas lunch. It’s an occasion that most want to improve on year-on-year. We all know what shopping at Christmas is like – a mad rush of desperate families buying up everything in sight. Trying to obtain a good quality Christmas ham or turkey at that time can be truly difficult.

But the star of the lunch is mostly the ham or turkey roast? Here’s some tips about when to purchase your Christmas roast to ensure the very best flavour.


Few weeks before

By planning out your Christmas lunch in advance, you’ve got an advantage so that you can gauge prices and determine the best cut for your lunch. Planning out in advance isn’t a bad thing but be sure to store the meat in the appropriate manner to ensure the best flavour.

Try not to purchase the ham more than 30 days before Christmas, and store appropriately. If purchasing ham on the bone, this is should last about 3 weeks, so bear in mind any plans for leftovers, minimising any potential risk of dreaded food poisoning.

Our recommendation is to store it in a section of the fridge that has less traffic running through, so a fresh food container is great for this, as it would be sectioned off from the main access fridge and is easier to control temperature.


A week prior

It’s ideal to purchase the ham or turkey a week prior to Christmas as the meat will still be fresh and flavourful. With many households eagerly looking forward to the leftovers from the feasts, purchasing your ham a week prior is ideal to ensure that a window of maximum two weeks is allowed.

Try to look out for a ham with even skin colour, as well as a fresh Australian Pork variety, straying away from ones made from imported meat.  


Learn more about Australian Pork


A couple of days to go

Buying it a few days before the big day doesn’t hurt. You can store meat in a fridge for several days, but keep in mind purchasing the ham the day prior. With most households, Christmas is a big day for the fridge, with it being opened and accessed more than usual to get the feast organised. Be sure that if you are purchasing even the day prior, to turn down the temperature of the fridge (to make it cooler) to make up any lost chill from the door opening.

White meat and seafood are best eaten as fresh as possible and will taste the best if bought the day before or the same day as serving. Fresh is best! When looking to purchase seafood, to the markets you go! Markets and high-quality butchers are likely to sell fresher produce, which will help you impress your guests at Christmas.

What about freezing?

There is no harm in freezing the ham, it can be kept in the freezer for up to four months, and then taken out to defrost a week prior.

This will ensure that the ham is fully defrosted and ready for you to glaze.

We hope this helped you organise when is the best time for you to purchase your Christmas roast. Whether it be ham, turkey, seafood or beef being your star-attraction, it’s best to store the meat properly and safely for you and your family.



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